Halloween! Not very many people get too pumped about

Halloween anymore and lets face it, it's just

becoming too expensive! Well we are putting

that to the test. We have been putting up Halloween props for a very long time now and just last year we decided to

go a little bigger. We knew it wasn't going to be easy

but we did it anyways. We actually put together our own

Haunted Maze. We did it for multiple reasons.

First off, we thought it would be fun, not just

for us but for everyone. It is a great feeling when

we see people having a blast, and we know that it is because of us that these people are having fun!

Another reason is

because it is so expensive for people to go out to all

these haunted houses especially with the economy

the way it is right now. So instead of going out and

spending an arm and a leg, save a little cash and come check it out here in

Blaine, Minnesota!

A special thanks to everyone who has

helped out with this, this includes the Corbin's

and anyone's yard we have torn up! (Dad!) And thanks to

my brother (Vernon) who made this all possible, Thanks to Cody G,

Morgan D, Jessica S, Christian F, Ally H, Kathryn H, Drew G, and

every one else for helping with everything and

keeping everything going!

This is not an obligation to any one who is reading

this!!! We would like to expand, however we are

running out of funds to do so. If you like what you see and want to pitch in a little contact me or my

brother. The following are things we are in need of!



*Any old Costumes, props, etc.

*Anything you believe to be useful.


Cantact us

Austin- 763- 438- 6263 or



Vernon-  651-724-1293 or


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