Thanks to everyone who has helped. Below is a List of people who have donated and what they donated. Remember every dollar helps and the more help we get the better experience everyone will have at our event!! So click the donate button or send anything you think may help to my address at 1687 Century Circle #105 Woodbury MN, 55125. If your interested in writing a check please  make payable to Jesse Sheppard. Thanks again to the following people!

Name                                       Donated

Morgan  Donley                                               Costumes, $5

Cindy & Dick Corbin                                      Front & Back Yard

Ally Halverson                                                 Costumes

Christian Fournier                                          Masks

James Kurk                                                      $5

Ashley McShaw                                               $2

Nick Swenson                                                 $10

Curt Wyman                                                   $50

Ariel H                                                            $10

Janelle G                                                         $5


2010 Donations

Curt Wyman                                                     $10

Issac Bell                                                          $20

Puddin                                                              $5

Amanda Corbin                                                 $5

Brian H.                                                            $5

Aaron Skuza                                                      $5

Amy C. and Chris                                              $5

Tori Dvorak                                                       $5
Mellisa Sierks                                                                   $300

Summer Sheppard                                                             $100



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